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Usage of slates in a séance possibly started with Henry Slade (1840-1905) over a century ago. Those slates were simple school slates. Since then mediums, magicians, and mentalists come up with many different variations and different ways to use slates in their acts and started referring to this item as "Spirit Slates".

We are proud to present our version of "Spirit Slates".

Manifestation Slates, unlike other slates available on the market, has no frame. These old looking slates has edges with grooves which makes them look like at some-point they did have frames.

Manifestation Slates are loaded with a magnetic flap. Everything, including the flap, is made out of wood.

Manifestation Slates are easy to carry (hence its small size, 4" x 3"), magnetic, locking slates which makes them perfect for séance, walk-around, and parlor situations.

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With Manifestation Slates you will get:

  • A set of Manifestation Slates.

  • A box of white chalks (16 counts).

  • Limited lifetime warranty. (Damages occurring due to misuse are not covered).

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Manifestation Slates