Manifestation Slates

These framless slates are perfect for séance, walk-around, and parlor situations.

Pearls of the Passed

Pearls of the Passed is an odd ball routine built around a tragic true story which makes it perfect for séance and bizarre performances.


Variety of pendulums for your favorite pendulum work.

The Dark Side of the Slate

(Digital Download)

A compilation of seven slate routines in

e-book and audiobook format.

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It is very important for me to be in touch with my customers. I say customers but in reality it is deeper than that.


It is also important for me to hear your opinion:

Do I do something good? or Do I do something bad? Let me know!


There are many different ways to contact me directly. Another way to get in touch is Evil Eye Workshop Facebook Page.

But what about talking to other people who have similar interest in Evil Eye Workshop products, sharing ideas, sharing feedback?

That's where brand new Evil Eye Workshop Facebook Group comes in.

If you are in Facebook come and join us in this closed group so you are able to post without worrying about people in your friends list to find out our secrets.



The Dark of the Slate project comes to full fruition!

A while ago Brynmore and Soydan started a project. The project was to ask Seances & Spookshows Podcast listeners to submit their slate routines and there would be a drawing for a price.

The price was Manifestation Slates.

All of these routines were going to be compiled into one PDF file and offered as an e-book.


And now, Evil Eye Workshop is proud to present: "The Dark Side of the Slate E-book & Audiobook"!

For more information click here!


Pearls of the Passed won Légion d’horreur 2016 award.

Many thanks to all of you who made this happen whether by voting, purchasing, or simply showing support.

Thank you for being a part of it!

Also thank you Dr. SH for organizing this great competition and improving it constantly.

And thank you Prof. BC for contributing in this process, and designing-making this beautiful medallion.

You can find out more about this award by clicking here!


Manifestation Slates is Discontinued!

After making 30 sets of Manifestation Slates (31 sets total in existence since I own one of them), I have decided to discontinue this products.

This does not mean Manifestation Slates are gone forever. The reason for the discontinuation is to seek improvements based on the feedback I received and maybe even offer different sizes.

If you own one of these bizarre set of slates our customer support is still at your service for any of your needs. 

Also soon, Manifestation Slates section of the The Cabinet will be up and running.

Thank you for your undying support!


Evil Eye Workshop's new feature, The Cabinet, is now open!

In this private section of Evil Eye Workshop you will find videos mainly for product tips and FAQs.
The Cabinet has separate sections for each product and the sections are for PASSWORD PROTECTED to make sure only product owners have access.

If you do not have the password for your product send us an e-mail including your name and proof of purchase (proof of purchase can be a picture of the product taken by you or copy of your PayPal transaction).

Please allow 48 hours for your password to be sent.

New videos will be announced to via our newsletter and the Facebook page.

If you do not see the name of your product in the list that means there are no available videos at the moment.

Enjoy The Cabinet !


A new pendulum added to Evil Eye Workshop Pendulums line: Doctor's Locket.

The inspiration for this pendulum came from Pablo Amirá's Duality Pendulum. 

This is a double pendulum that has Plague Doctor on one end the Billet Locket on the other. It is perfect for time you need a billet pendulum and a regular pendulum but you do not want to carry two pendulums.

For more information click here!



Evil Eye Workshop is "mainly" a one-man operation. It is a "hobby turned into a business". Even though Evil Eye Workshop is a business, we do not like the word "business". We strive to have a close relationship with our customers across the globe.

Evil Eye Workshop follows a pricing approach that is rewarding to our close followers. All the items release with the highest discount possible and later the price gradually goes up. And every once in a while there are special sale events.

This is our way of saying "Thank you for being a loyal customer".

We are best known with our great customer service. You can reach us by going to Contact page with any requests, questions or concerns you might have.


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